The Legend


Armazi (Georgian: არმაზი) is a locale in Georgia, 4 km southwest of Mtskheta and 22 km northwest of Tbilisi. A part of historical Greater Mtskheta, it is a place where the ancient city of the same name and the original capital of the early Georgian kingdom of Kartli or Iberia was located. According to a collection of medieval Georgian chronicles, Armazi was founded in the 3rd century BC, by the king Pharnavaz I of Iberia at the place hitherto known as Kartli.


King Pharnavaz is a said to have built a major citadel, the Armaztsikhe, and a temple to the god Armazi, and to have created wine cellar with several rooms consisting 15 Qvevries ( clay Vessel used for wine ). It’s been 8000 years since Georgian used clay Vessels as tanks for wine. Wine was crushed and fermented in Qvevri, which method is still used in nowadays Georgian modern winemaking.


The coin that used on the logo was found near the old cellar by archeologists. The coin was made for the warriors of King Farnavaz from silver where king’s head was engraved. The letters on the coin are in ancient Georgian, meaning: Caesar Franvaz

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