Grape varieties

  • Rkatsiteli


    Rkatsiteli, a white-grape variety, is grown mainly in the Kakheti region but it is also present in other regions of Georgia and elsewhere. In Kakheti, it reaches full ripening from mid-September and up to the beginning of October. For the production of top quality wines its yield per hectare should not exceed seven or eight tonnes. In Georgia, Rkatsiteli is used for making both classic (European) and typical Kakhetian, amphora (Kvevri) fermented Vins de Table, Vins de Pays and AOC’s. Rkatsiteli wine is often blended with Kakhetian Mtsvane. Rkatsiteli also produces a large range of white wines, from fortified to ice-wines. Principal micro-zones include Kardenakhi, Tibaani, Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Napareuli. We make a number of wines from the Rkatsiteli grape – among them are white Rkatsiteli, Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Vazisubani, Sachino, Alaznis Veli, and Tbilisi.

    Armazi Wines uses Rkatsiteli  for its white medium sweet Alazani Valley.

    Alazani whiteTsinandali

  • Mtsvane

    Kakhetian Mtsvane

    This is a Georgian white-grape variety from the Kakheti region which reaches full ripening from the second half of September. Average yield per hectare is 5-8 tons. Yields for Kakhetian Mtsvane must be limited in order to maintain quality. It is used for making both, classic (European) and typical Kakhetian, amphora (qvevri) fermented Vins de Table, Vins de Pays and AOC’s. Principal micro-zones: Manavi, Tsinandali, Akhmeta.

    Armazi Wines uses Kakhetian Mtsvane  as a blend for its Tsinandali AOC.


  • Saperavi


    This is a Georgian red grape variety grown in Kakheti and other regions of Georgia, and it can also be found outside Georgia. Saperavi reaches full ripening started from the second half of September, with the harvest-time lasting up to the end of October. Saperavi’s average yield per hectare amounts to 8-10 tons. Wines produced from Saperavi (Vins de Tables as well as AOC’s) are suitable for extended aging and it is also used for producing naturally sweet wines and rosé. Principal micro-zones: Mukuzani, Akhasheni, Khashmi, Kindzmarauli, Napareuli, Khvareli, Kondoli.

    Armazi Wines uses Saperavi  for its all red wines: Alazani Valley, Saperavi , Mukuzani  AOC and Kindzmarauli  AOC.

    Saperavi Mukuzani Armazi labels Kindzmarauli

Traditional Georgian grape varieties are little known in the West. Now that the wines of Eastern and Central Europe are coming to international awareness, grapes from this region are becoming better known. Although there are nearly 400 to choose from, only 38 varieties are officially grown for commercial viticulture in Georgia


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